Corporate Summary

Nadalin Gunn & Assoc. Ltd. was founded in May of 2003. It was due to the unfortunate event of SARS that Nadalin Gunn was founded.

Mr. Michael Christison (Nadalin Gunn’s Founder) has worked in the hospital industry for over 23 years. He previously worked with other companies and acted for the NICU and L&D ward as ventilation project manager. This was a highly successful project.

When SARS hit Canada William Osler H.C was one of the 4 official treatment facilities.

William Osler’s project managers contacted Michael to request assistance in air flow design/build.

Nadalin Gunn was formed and worked on many, many projects for WOHC. These projects dealt with 7 of their sites.

Nadalin Gunn’s work mainly involved the design and build of negative pressure isolation rooms. This is the company specialty, to such a degree that we have even filed for patent rights and now has been accepted by the government.

Nadalin Gunn has not stopped there and has taken our logistical values in the installation process of ventilation and has performed work on other major projects. CAMH was one of the companies’ greatest challenges for the new cyclotron project. Process ductwork had to be installed and routed through 12 floors of an existing facility. The integrity of all welds in the stainless steel system was maintained.

Nadalin Gunn strongly believes in teaching from within and our loyal and capable staff would like to answer any questions big or small.