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Our mission at Nadalin Gunn & Associates Ltd. is to redefine the most effective standards for the protection of health care providers.  Nadalin Gunn has been a member of CHICA and now IPAC since 2005 and works closely with the ICP’s in our hospitals. We are known for our knowledge and over the years we have passed this along to the community. Nadalin Gunn & Associates Ltd proudly owns a Canadian patent for negative pressure isolation rooms and continues in our development in an on going basis in order to protect all communities health care providers.


Corporate Summary

Nadalin Gunn & Assoc. Ltd. was founded in May of 2003. It was due to the unfortunate event of SARS that Nadalin Gunn was founded.
Mr. Michael Christison (Nadalin Gunn’s Founder) has worked in the hospital industry for over 23 years. He previously worked with other companies and acted for the NICU and L&D ward as ventilation project manager. This was a highly successful project.

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